A short par 4 to open. Aiming left edge of the green is a good line for your drive. A ball landing just short of the green will run down nicely onto the putting surface. Remember to have a look at the pin position on the 2nd green which is next to the first tee, this will help you greatly when playing the next hole.

Pro's Tip for Clent View

Aim towards the conifer trees in the distance at the back of the 1st tee to find the middle of the fairway. Your 2nd shot will play a little longer up the hill, beware anything landing short could well run off to the left.

Pro's Tip for Ladypool

Aim your tee shot to the right of the copper beach tree. The longer hitters may consider a 3 wood to avoid running out of fairway. Your second shot will feed from right to left. When hitting into this long green remember a  putt from above the pin can be pretty quick.

Pro's Tip for Copper Beech

The first par 3, Left half of the green is your line and anything landing over the bunker will run down onto the green. Left or long of the green has a chance of coming back onto the green off the bank.

Pro's Tip for The Punchbowl

A long par 4. The braver player can hug the bunker line, be prepared for a semi blind 2nd shot. The approach slopes from right to left leading to a small green. A 4 on here is always a good score.

Pro's Tip for Tree Tangle

Par 3 playing downhill around one club less than normal. Aim for the middle of the green. Right is your miss here, anything long and left will be a tricky up and down.

Pro's Tip for Club View

Keep your drive up the right hand side as the fairway will bring it back to the left. Take a club more for your uphill 2nd shot. A slightly raised green requires a shot flown all the way onto the putting surface.

Pro's Tip for Brocton

A short par 4. A decision has to be made with your tee shot. A mid iron will leave a pitch into the green, or the longer hitters can try to drive the well protected green. A real risk reward hole.

Pro's Tip for Mucklows

A fairway that slopes from right to left. A solid drive favouring the right side will leave a short iron to the green but remember you need to carry the slope at the front of the green but be careful of the out of bounds behind the hole.

Pro's Tip for Jacksholm

A tough start to the back 9. Aim your drive to the left half of the fairway to give you a clear shot to the green. An uphill 2nd shot plays longer than you think and anything just short of the will trickle back towards you. Once on the green try to leave yourself below the pin otherwise you can face a tricky putt.

Pro's Tip for Ridgeways

Another tough driving hole, with the ball moving from right to left. Once you’ve found the fairway an uphill 2nd shot awaits you. Aim for the marker post to find the heart of the green. Remember you will tend to hit the ball from right to left off an upslope. Once you’ve found the raised putting surface its a fairly flat green.

Pro's Tip for The Cross

One of the longest holes on the course. A drive up the left side of the fairway will give you the best look at the green. A shot landing short and left of the putting surface should find the generous sized green. Once there everything feeds towards the lake.

Pro's Tip for Twin Oaks

And breathe!! Now some birdie chances await you. Position is more important than distance from the tee. A shot of around 200 yards will leave 100 yards to the green. A relatively flat green awaits you.

Pro's Tip for Willow Gap

Position off the tee is important here. Aiming your drive towards the large tree on the left at 200 yards is ideal. The further your drive, the narrower the fairway becomes. After finding the fairway a tricky green is your next challenge sloping severely from back to front.

Pro's Tip for The Leasowes

A strong par 3. Uphill with a 2 tier green. Try to carry your shot onto the putting surface, which will play at least one club longer.

Pro's Tip for Foxes Lair

Accuracy is key on this short par 3. A shot towards the middle of the green will leave a very makable putt. Using the slope to the right of the green can help your ball find the putting surface.

Pro's Tip for Wee Three

A great penultimate risk reward hole. The braver players can hit towards the right hand side of the green and have a potential eagle opportunity. Or, a shot of 170 yards will leave a pitch into the green. Be sure to watch for the slope leading onto the green.

Pro's Tip for The Dell

A strong positional hole to finish. The longer hitters can take aim at the green. A shot at the left hand bunker is a good line. The safer option is a shot of 180 yards, which will leave a pitch into a green sloping from back to front.

Pro's Tip for Shenstones

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Down the centre of the fairways, you will find coloured discs marking yardage to the centre of the green.

BLUE Markers = 200 Yards.
YELLOW Markers = 150 Yards.
RED Markers = 100 Yards


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