The refurbished Gentlemen's Locker room will have 3 types of Locker


Type A = Largest Locker with 2 shelves


Type B - Smaller in height than type A with 1 shelf


Type C - Rectangular Locker designed for a Holdall


Internal Dimensions - All Lockers are 405mm wide and 590mm deep
Type A is 1795mm high
Type B is 1405mm high
Type C is 375mm high


Both Type A & B will accommodate a cart bag complete with clubs and driver


All of the Type C lockers are above a Type B Locker.
It is anticipated that all Type C will be rented separately from Type B.
However it may be possible to rent both the type B with the Type C above.


Example of all lockers are shown below 

Type A Type B Type C above Type B

To view the new layout of the locker room click here 


Rental Costs per annum are as follows
Type A - £45pa
Type B - £35pa
Type C - £15pa
Further information with regard to applying for lockers will be emailed to members in the near future

The information provided on this website is for guidance only, and is subject to change without notice. Please contact the club for confirmation on any point.

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