Golf Shop

Golf Shop

Catering for all your equipment needs

Welcome to the Halesowen Golf Shop

The golf shop provides a stunning wide range of apparel and equipment to cater for every customer’s needs.

The brands we provide epitomize the environment that we strive to create. Our mission is to provide all of your golfing essentials whilst helping you feel your best as you walk to the 1st tee, a key ingredient to playing good golf.
If you are an accomplished player or new to the game, we will endeavor to help you achieve your goals and expectations. We provide structured single lessons or bespoke performance plans to suit each individual. A major key to your development is to fully understand “what you do good and not so good”. Once this is established, we can build a practice plan for you to follow on a regular basis to help you get the most from your golf game.
We also have taken further qualifications that have enabled us to teach both long and short game to a high level, this level of education will most certainly help any golfer willing to learn.

Swing studio
Our state of the art Swing studio is the perfect environment to improve your game. The modern way to coach is to combine “facts with feels”. Using Foresight sports technology and the all new GC3 Launch monitor, we can pinpoint, in detail, any issues within your swing. This will enable us to make recommendations based on facts. data includes:

– Swing & ball speed
– Launch & attack angle
– Club path and club direction
– Strike location & many more

Knowing the facts is an integral part of development so let me help you understand and develop your technique to better your game.

Custom fitting centre
A key ingredient to help you maximise your game is to use equipment fitted to you. From club design to shaft profile, grip size to lie angle, these elements are crucial to having the right club and your disposal.
Our custom fit options cater for everyone’s needs. with 1,000’s of combinations at your fingertips, why not come and see how we can help you get the most from your game.

Both myself and my team of staff are available 7 days a week to help and assist you during your time at Halesowen Golf Club. Should you require any further information that is not available on the website please feel free to contact us.




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